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Student Feedback

Student Feedback

"Kim is a phenomenal coach! She has helped me easily move through things that I thought were huge challenges. I got my first client within a few months of starting.

I learned so many tips on how to be more efficient with the software, I'm able to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time. Her systems make me look very professional, organized, and capable of producing an excellent product. I'm more than grateful that I signed up for her coaching."

- Travis P.

"Kim is a successful business owner because she has taken the time to learn how to do bookkeeping correctly. She is systematic, organized, and a hard worker. I have really enjoyed her classes.

She teaches in a clear manner and truly cares about my success. I have really gained a better understanding of QuickBooks and the importance of good systems when trying to grow my business. I am more confident in my business because I know Kim will have my back when I need help."

- Cheryl S.

"Kim gives me the confidence to meet local business owners knowing that I can provide timely, efficient service based on the systems she shares."

- Sal A

"I knew I wanted to learn from Kim from the first meeting I had with her. Kim doesn't take shortcuts and makes sure even small details are recorded correctly. Her systems are well thought out and organized. She is also very pleasant to work with and truly cares about my success."

-Cheryl S